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Surplus Equipment

What should I do with equipment or furniture that my department no longer needs? Any furniture that is still usable (not broken) should be sent to the Property Management surplus area at 8333 Maple Street. It will be stored and made available to other departments within the university. ALL computer equipment no longer needed should also be sent to Property Management at the same address. IF THE COMPUTERS YOU ARE TURNING IN HAVE ANY PRIVATE, PERSONAL, OR PROPRIETARY INFORMATION CONTAINED ON THEM, THEY MUST BE WIPED BEFORE BEING SENT TO PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. CONTACT TECHNOLOGY SERVICES IF YOUR DEPARTMENT NEEDS ASSISTANCE WITH THIS.

Can my department get surplus furniture/equipment? Any surplus equipment held by Property Management is available to any university department free of charge. If departments elect to have Facilities Services move the equipment, the department receiving the items will incur the costs of moving them. To see what is available you may contact Property Management to schedule an appointment to stop by and view the items housed in surplus.